Human Firm: Where Slaves Girls Are Used As Cow

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Human milk contains less calcium than cow’s milk, the calcium in human milk is better absorbed into the body than the calcium in cow’s milk, again illustrating why human milk is the best source of nutrition during the first year of life. If you are interested to drinks human milk, then the way is feed direct from a mother, but there are some firms where girls are uses as cow, so they produced milk. nude girls are kept in cage, and drugged. Even by injecting some hormone girls can produce milk.

They select perfect girls from slave market. and best is choose teen or young girls, so they can produce milk for long duration. The second step is making them good obedient girl, by doings tortures. Once girls are ready. they make them pregnant. all for there life long girls kept naked. and they dont have the permission of walking, only crawling is permissible.