42 Mehndi Designs For Kids: Adoring The Little Princesses

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It’s such an awesome sight watching the hands of small little girls. Dressed they are in pretty frocks, shorts and lehangas, they look so cuddly and cute. The same impact is there, in fact double, once they get mehndi done on their tiny hands. Go about decorating your child’s hands with adorable mehandi but you have to keep one thing in mind. Kids are kids and don’t have that much patience to sit through the mehndi application. So whenever mehndi designs for kids are being done on kids’ hands and feet, classiness in simplicity stands out most.

Mehendi Designs For Kids

Here we go showing you some fab designs of mehndi for kids that will bring some glitz and glam into their cutie pie hands.

Popular Kids Mehndi designs:

1. Flowers:

Small or big flowers look as pretty on your Barbie doll’s hands as the doll herself. Along with flowers, patterns can also be drawn such as peacocks, butterflies, birds, leaves which kids like most. Make sure you don’t put mehndi all over the little girl’s hands (the way it is done on a grown up female’s hands). In the fourth mehndi design shown below, see how beautiful the pattern looks with one big floral design in the centre of the reverse hand.

Let’s look at some flower mehndi designs for kids:

This is a simple Arabic mehndi design for kids with flowers.

mehendi designs on flowers

A simple mehndi design for kids that has a flower and a bee. A design like this for kids will encourage the kids to not spoil or want to remove the mehndi.

flower mehndi designs for kids

If your girl is the one who loves mehndi and you are confident that she will let it dry on her hands completely before removing it, then this mehndi design is just an ideal one you need.

kids mehendi designs
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We always saw Arabic mehndi designs that have the index or middle finger decorated. But this kids mehendi design is surely a unique one.

mehendi designs for hand

Minimal and traditional, just what defines a kid inside and out.

Kids Mehndi

Latest mehndi design that has an easy to make mehndi flower on the back of your kids hand.

mehendi art for kids

Haven’t these beautiful mehendi designs for kids melted your heart already?

2. Glitter:

Bling is the latest trend in mehndi designs for kids. It can range from sparkles to crystals and even glitter which makes it attractive for kids. This way they can show off their mehndi designs to their friends and make it look all the more fancy and glam. While adding glitter to mehndi for kids; hands sound innovative, but don’t overdo it as it will ruin the simplicity of the design. Keep it simple and sober rather than going overboard with it. Check out this purple and golden glitter mehndi that beautifully highlights the black mehndi design.

Let’s look at some glitter mehendi designs for girls.

If your daughter isn’t allowed to have mehendi stained hands according to her school rules, then a glitter mehendi is what you can do for her. The glitters will be available at any stationary stores and can be removed easily using water, acetone or a nail polish remover.

glitter mehndi designs for kids

If your girlie loves colours, you can try a fusion of glitter mehenedi and normal mehendi for kids.

glitter mehndi designs

A butterfly mehendi designs for kids with glitter sprinkled all over it is easy to create. This can also be done on the arms of the kids too like a tattoo design.

simple mehendi designs

Now this is a unique mehendi idea for kids. The empty heart can have the name of the child written inside to make them feel special.

mehendi designs on glitter

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3. Paisley:

Mehndi application can be done by a kid too. Check out this design with paisley motif in the back of the hand and supporting floral designs. The finger tips look so cute and drool-worthy with petal-like spiral designs. Make the naughty little girl wear this mehandi design for special occasions such as marriage and evening parties too.

mehendi arts for kids

Precautions to take while applying mehndi on kids’ hands

We all know how kids are dear to every parent. But it is important and logical for every parent to make sure that applying mehndi doesn’t cause a negative reaction on children.

As a point of rule, never make the mistake of using black henna. Did you know that natural henna which is deep reddish brown in colour is never available in black? If you go for black henna, it can prove to be very dangerous for the skin since it has harmful additive paste containing PPD. Try and avoid it at all costs, as it is lethal for both kids and adults.

When it comes to putting mehndi design for kids, the important thing is to let them use their creativity and imaginations run wild. It has to be a fun-based affair as that might lead to new designs shaping up. Start replicating these fashionable henna designs on your trendy and chubby girl and see how she looks absolutely irresistible.

Let’s look at latest mehendi designs for kids

Simple mehndi designs for kidsmehendi designsmehendi artsmehndi design patterns For kidsmehndi design patternskids mehndi design patterns


cute mehendi designsmehndi patternshenna designs for childrenmehndi on kidsmehndi design for girls

Two best friends with these designs could elate them. A simply design to colour their souls happy.

Best Mehandi Designs For Kids

Hearts are pretty when done on kids, too cute. Let the kid embrace these heart designs to the maximum.

Mehndi for Kids

How simple and fun are these designs! Like a child’s art depicted on their hand, perfect.

Henna Designs for Hands for Kids

Olden days of mehendi looked like this. So simple, yet lovable and refreshing.

Henna for Kids

Sure they will never forget what a giraffe looks like! What a cute design to steal hearts!

Kids Mehndi Designs

Why just the hands? That soft squishy skin triples its lovable look with patches of mehendi.

Kids Mehndi for Feet

Touching a babys hand and holding hand seems like the most adorable thing, only until you done their legs with mehendi and take a glimpse of them.

Kids Mehndi Design on foot

Easiest design for a child, when you’re in a hurry but the mehendi is a must.

Dot Mehndi Designs for children

Overly done up designs aren’t for kids. This design here is what the kids need.

Funny Henna Mehndi for Kids

What an exciting design to keep your children occupied staring at it all day long, just fascinated.

Love Mehndi Designs

Leaves and branches branching out to keep the little one’s hands just as delicate. This kids mehendi design is a picture perfect one.

Kids Mehndi

Those little squishy fingers deserve a bit of decoration in the best way possible, and that’s only possible with this arabic mehendi design.

Kids Mehndi Designs

Go back to the olden ways of mehendi, the toe dipping in mehendi all over with a cute patter right in the center.

Mehndi Designs For Kids

A cute kitten on a cuter kid never goes wrong. Keeping the fun and freshness of a baby kicking, is what this tattoo does.

Mehndi Designs For Children

An easy and simple mehendi design for kids. Looks like some marvelous interiors.

Mehndi Designs For Child

Mehendi for kids is an occupying and cute option to indulge in. This mehendi design on the outside as well as inside of the hand shows every design is suitable for any kid.

Mehndi Designs

How fascinating would it be to design the babys face itself onto their hands? A new concept that they’ll love.

Cute Mehndi

The babys one true love – the teddy bear, right on their hands. Seems like the baby is going to be very fond of the mehendi design.

Cute Mehndi For Child

This sweet elephant pattern looks minimalistic and relates to a baby’s mindset. The perfect design and a simple mehendi design as well.

Elephant Mehndi for kids

This tattoo is really nice for hand coverage and looks great for functions.

Mehndi For Small Cute Hand

Do share with us how exciting it was making mehndi on kids’ hands and feet.

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