5 Reasons Why She Rejected You

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We live in a world where oppression comes in different forms. And for some people, it’s their relationship life.

For some guys, no matter how hard they try to win a girls heart, it just doesn’t work. She rejects his relationship proposal.

After being rejected, you might feel you are not handsome enough or you are not financially stable enough, that’s why she rejected you. While this might be one of the things for a girl to get attracted to you, it’s not a major factor that made her reject your relationship offer.

If this is your table where you ask girls out and you get rejected, then you try again and she rejects you again and again and again. Then you might be doing something wrong which you don’t even know.

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Some might tell you that to win a girl over, “you need to treat her like a queen and be always there for her.’ Almost everyone has gotten this advice. Now the question is, do they work? Well, for me I’ll say ‘they used to’ but they don’t really work when you’re in the talking stage.

Don’t get it wrong, if you are already in a relationship then you need to treat her like a queen and be there for her. But if you’re in the ‘talking stage,’ being there for her ‘all the time’ might get her to lose interest in you.

Here are 5 Reasons Why A Girl Rejects You

1. You are always there

If you are the type that follows her like stew on white rice, then you will surely get rejected. Even though girls say they ‘want a man who is always there,‘ they’ll still reject you if you are always there.

You see, the thing is you should not be always there. Most guys are found of trying to do everything to please a girl they like. Whenever she asked for his help, he’s ready to help.

There’s nothing wrong in being there for her, but if you are always there, you become predictable and you’ll seem like a man who does not have things to do.

So how do you make it work? Don’t be always there, become a misery, don’t be too predictable. Whenever she asked for your help on something, give an excuse and let her know you’ll be busy.

2. You text too much

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While texting can get you to know each other better if you overdo it she might lose interest in you.

If you’re the type that’s always texting ‘Good Morning‘ & ‘Good Night‘ every single day, you’ll likely text your chances with her away.

If you’re always texting her, you are not giving her the time and chance to miss you. Attraction develops when you spend time away from each other. When she misses you, she thinks about you and from there she starts to get attracted to you. And also, she will see you as a man who has lots of things to do and not the guy who is emotionally dependent on her.

No woman want to date a man who is emotionally dependent.

3. Gets jealous a lot

Whenever you see her with another guy, you get jealous and start asking ‘who is he?,’ ‘what’s between you two?’

If you get jealous because she’s with another guy and she notices it, she will definitely not get attracted to you because you’re acting like a kid.

Even if you’re jealous, just pretend like you don’t care, and when she notices that you don’t even care, she starts to wonder why you are not even jealous.

And you see, the moment you’re in a her head, the more often she thinks of you, the more she starts to develop feelings for you.

4. Oneitis (Don’t be clingy)

Oneitis is when your attraction is focused on just one person to the exclusion of other possible partners.

For some guys, when they crush on a girl, they are just focused on her and they fail to see other guys around them. When a guy has oneitis, he becomes too available, too attached and clingy.

Trust me, girls don’t like clingy guys. if you’re acting like that, then you need to stop immediately.

To cure oneitis, you need to see and approach other girls, if you’re meeting other girls, you won’t be always available for just one girl. In fact, it will boost your confidence level and if that girl you like rejects you, you won’t even feel it because you have other girls around you.

5. Work on yourself

This part is more important. Ladies don’t want a man who is a liability, someone who does not have much value to himself.

No lady wants to date a guy who she feels has a lesser value than her. So, hit the gym, work on your business, look for a job, do whatever you need to do to make yourself better than you are right now.

She needs to see you as someone who’s busy, someone who has business to take care of and most importantly, someone who is not clingy.

If at the long run she rejects you, it’s still a ‘Win Win‘ for you because you are better and you were, and your life has improved.

There are other women around who are better than she is anyway.

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