Awwwn! This Couple Met as Students in Madonna University 13 Years ago!

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They say the best kind of love is the one we never saw coming. Today, we just might be agreeing with that school of thought as we relish the beautiful love story of Ozioma and Chris.

Ozioma and Chris had met for the first time 13 years ago as students at Madonna University and went on to become friends. Neither of them ever thought that something extra would become of this friendship as they didn’t think they were a romantic fit. But as they say, love has a plan for everyone and in time, this plan came to fruition as they both fell helplessly in love with each other. Ozioma gives us the full gist, so just keep scrolling to enjoy it all. Their sultry pre-wedding photos have us in our feelings and we can’t help but root for the beautiful pair.

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Their love story as shared by Ozioma

“The interesting thing is that our love story truly began when I was reeling from a relationship that recently ended at the time and Chris used to call me every time to try to help me through it. That was when we started to truly bond. When we met in 2008, Madonna University, no one could have ever predicted we would date, not to mention get married. Not even the both of us. The interesting thing is that we started out as friends, Chris and I, and we actually had a phase where we tried to hook each other up with other people.”

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“Turned out we thought we knew each other and, much like Pineapple and Cheese, we thought were great people individually, but we wouldn’t work together. We were wrong. It was when we started to bond at the time that I saw who exactly Chris was and he also realized the kind of person I was. He thought I had coconut head and I was stubborn. Lol. But he experienced first-hand how soft and emotionally fragile I could be and I also got to know that he actually cares a great deal about people.”

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“He loves his mother, his siblings and with time, he started to treat my family as an extension of himself too. We naturally fell in love with each other. I love him and he treats me with respect, so much love and care, just like I treat him. Something both of us could never have imagined happened. We fell in love, but most importantly, we fell in love with the real versions of each other. The version it took years to uncover. We got engaged years later. I basically went from the most pathetic moment of my life to the very best with Chris holding my hands all the way.”


Fresher Photographer: @quistar_
Bride-to-be: @de_enchantress
Dress: @dramil.apparels
Makeup: @katie_beauty_parlour
Studio: @poshstudioltd

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