Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan Survives Snakebite

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Bollywood superstar, Hindi movie star Salman Khan said that a snake bit him twice at his farmhouse on his 56th Birthday. He tried to remove the snake with a wooden stick, but he failed and the snake bit him. Salman Khan picked the snake with lots of love, But the snake started climbing upwards and reached his hand. His father famous writer Salim Khan was there.

After he was bitten, local villagers “screamed ‘hospital, hospital, hospital’, saying that I should be taken to a hospital quickly. There was so much commotion, the snake was a bit venomous, and it bit me again.”

The actor was administered with antivenom, kept under observation, and then discharged after six hours.

But now he is fine and fit. He also attends a press release too for his million fans.