Dangers of Using Fake Makeup Products, How to Identify Them

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Makeup is used by women all around the world to enhance their beauty and no doubt, its doing a perfect job when it come to enhancing their beauty look.

Apart from just enhancing looks, it can be used to cover scar, wrinkle, blemish and other skin related issues. The makeup industry is worth billions of dollars globally and because of this, there are lots of fake brands out there trying to get a piece of the money.

These brands pay no attention to the safety laws and regulations, all they want is to get their items sold at cheaper prices causing you lots of skin damage.

Everybody wants the newest thing for the cheapest price possible and unfortunately, some people are capitalising on this desire by selling fake versions of popular cosmetic products.

While these products might seem harmless, they cause lots of damages that you might not notice immediately.

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Let’s take a look at some of the dangerous ingredients found in fake cosmetics

Lead – Research shows that fake cosmetics can contain up to 19 times the recommended amount of lead. Health effects include reproductive issues, and organ system toxicity within the kidneys, liver, sensory organs, and the cardiovascular system. It causes miscarriages in pregnant women too.

Mercury – This can lead to nervous system toxicity, as well as immune and respiratory toxicity.

Aluminium – Aluminium-based compounds vary in their toxicity. Some are linked to neurotoxicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity as well as cancer.

Bacteria –A common type of bacteria that has been found in counterfeit cosmetics is E. Coli (Escherichia coli) which can cause severe diarrhoea, kidney failure and anaemia.

Cyanide – This ingredient is most harmful when inhaled.

Paint Stripper – This is found in counterfeit mascara and can cause swelling to the eyes which can potentially cause long-term damage to the eyes.

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Symptoms and negative effects of using counterfeit makeup

Swollen lips – If you notice your lips become swollen or puffy, it could be a reaction to a harmful chemical or ingredient in the makeup.

Chemical burns – Chemical burns can occur after using a faulty or fake product for so long or can happen as an immediate reaction.

Long-term health problems – Exposure to harmful ingredients being applied to your face can increase the chances of high blood pressure, infertility, and other serious health complications.

Eye infections – This happens when the makeup applied near and around the eyes causes irritation and inflammation. If you notice this whenever you use a specific makeup, chances are it could be a counterfeit product.

Allergic reactions – If any of your allergic reactions are triggered, it could be because a specific ingredient is being used but not included in the packaging label.

Skin rashes – One of the most common symptoms of counterfeit makeup, inflammation is a serious occurrence. At first, you may notice red skin, overtime you will notice discomfort in the area as well as dry or peeling skin.

Now the question is: How do you identity fake makeup products?

Do Your Research: Whenever you’re browsing the internet or at the store looking through makeup products, browse with your phone and search for reviews on the product.

Question cheap prices: If some prices are too good to be true on a particular item, chances are they are. If the price is significantly selling far lower than usual, then you should think twice. Authorised vendors usually never knock off more than 20-30% on prices.

Inconsistent labels: Crosscheck for any misspelt words, uneven fonts and terms of the labels with the one found on the manufacturer’s website.

Do a Skin Patch Test: Lastly, if you’ve already purchased a product and suspect it may be counterfeit, do a skin test before using it on the face or other parts of the body. If you notice signs of a reaction or the skin appears irritated, do not use the product. Certain products may also pass a skin patch test but irritate the face.


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