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“I have wanted to pursue being photographed professionally for quite some time, for no apparent reason other than to document my current self and be able to look back and reflect on it one day! Cards fell and stars aligned and I was introduced to Gloss Boudoir and the Gloss Girls!” ~Gloss Babe J

A woman is professionally photographed

“Before my shoot I was feeling extremely excited but also unsure of what to expect! I had heard only wonderful things from my friends who recommended the Girls to me, as well as seen the impeccable work that they do, so I knew I would be in good hands.” ~Gloss Babe J

A woman is professionally photographed

“My absolute favourite thing about my shoot would have to be the genuine and authentic chats that I had with the photographer, Marcee! As having never been photographed before, I expected it to be pretty standard – pose, shoot and so on but Marcee honestly made it feel like I was hanging out with a friend while casually getting photographed. I really appreciated this because I instantly felt comfortable and safe.” ~Gloss Babe J

“My favourite memory would have to be giggling non-stop and trying to maintain a serious face while shooting as Marcee was hyping me up like I’ve never been hyped up before! You can tell she truly loves what she does – and after my shoot, I wholeheartedly understand why. It was a beautiful experience. I would tell anyone considering the experience to DO IT! There’s no reason not to! Celebrate your beautiful body!” ~Gloss Babe J

A woman is professionally photographed

A woman is professionally photographed

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