How To Look Good At The Beach

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Don’t you think summers are incomplete without a trip to the beach? The calm environment with the soothing sounds of waves is pleasing for everyone. It’s the time of year when healthy tan lines look super satisfying.

For many people, going to the beach is all about wearing colorful clothes, relaxing, and flaunting their bodies. After all, who doesn’t like to make style statements by looking like a diva at the beach? All the beach looks set by celebrities are inspiring people to come up with their own thing. There are so many questions running through the mind – what’s clothes to wear, what sort of makeup would look good at the beach, and the biggest one is deciding whether to wear a swimsuit or bikini. Honestly, choosing the right clothes along with some accessories is challenging because you don’t want to look anything less than perfect. Here are 5 tips on how to look good at the beach?

Choose a Fiery Dress

No matter where you’re going, choosing clothes is always a tough decision because women never have anything to wear. Looking hot at the beach surely calls out for clothes that give beachy vibes. It could be anything though, a short or long dress, shorts with causal jeans, rompers or jumpsuits, or high-waisted bottoms with top.

Dressing for the beach is followed by the ‘lesser the better’ rule because who wants to return home without suntan? So, you can choose anything a dress, a romper or shorts. A casual fiery dress looks beyond amazing being the perfect fit for the beach, especially the one with floral designs and pastel colors.

Flaunting your body in a short floral dress can turn up beach games, making you look sizzling hot. Besides, you can also opt for an off-shoulder dress or a mini romper as it looks equally appealing. Solid colored dresses are the talk of the town these days. Thus, heading over to the beach in these would turn all eyes on you.

For all the denim lovers out there, you can grab a pair of shorts or jeans, if you’re not a big fan of wearing dresses. To add beachy vibes to your look, pair them up with crop tops with cold and off shoulders because the beach look goes incomplete without flaunting your skin.

You might love black color, but you can’t wear it to the beach because it can make you feel hot and sweaty. Alongside, avoid wearing fitted clothes since they can be at risk of becoming transparent due to the water.  You can look up on the internet to get ideas more ideas, making it easy for you to select a trendy dress.

Wear Light Makeup

Many of you wonder whether it is okay to wear makeup on the beach or not? Even though accepting your natural skin is important, but if wearing makeup makes you happy, then there are no restrictions on it. After all, there’s no such rule that you can’t wear makeup to the beach but avoid putting too much of it.

Wearing makeup doesn’t mean that you can skip the sunscreen. The rays of the sun are very harsh on the skin and result in skin aging in no time. Thus, you have to coat your skin with sunscreen; after that, you’re free to apply makeup. If you don’t know what sort of makeup looks good at the beach, here are some makeup tips for the beach.

  • Foundation: Avoid putting multiple layers of foundation on your skin or else it won’t look anything less than a cake. Keep it minimal by just adding a single coating of sheer coverage foundation.
  • Eye Shadows: This is a big ‘NO’. Applying eyeshadows to a beach is just against the fashion rules. Thus, keep your eyes neutral.
  • Mascara: Haven’t you heard of waterproof mascaras? These are ones to wear at beaches. You can also top it off with a waterproof eyeliner.
  • Bronzer: It’s you call whether you want to put it on or not. 
  • Cheek-Tint: You can apply as much of this as you feel like because your rosy cheeks can make you look adorable and sensual at the same time.
  • Lip color: You can apply a lip tint or ditch the lip color but if you’ve pale lips, then opt for nude lip color.

These simple tips can be a huge help to you at the time of deciding what makeup to wear to the beach.

Grab a swimsuit or Bikini

Can you think of going to the beach without a bikini or swimsuit? No, right. These are like the ‘the beach costumes’, so make sure you’re ready to flaunt your curves in it. It’s up to you whether you want to wear a bikini or a swimsuit because both look stunning and hot.

Grabbing your hands on a sexy bikini is the initial step of winning the beach look. There are various designs available in bikinis, helping you choose the best one. If you want to follow the trends, high-waisted bikinis are grabbing all the attention. You can pair them up with off shoulder top to add oomph in the atmosphere.

Besides, choose floral prints for bikinis and one with patterns for the beach as they look enticing. Solid colors like blue, red, pink, are perfect for the beach too. However, make sure to keep your body structure in mind while selecting a bikini for yourself.

Many people who hesitate to wear bikinis can opt for one-piece swimsuits because these can make you look sexy too. The variety of designs available in swimsuits is beyond amazing but making it difficult for you to choose one. There are cut-off designs, cold shoulders, stripes, everything to make you look hot.

Don’t worry, all bikinis and swimsuits are made from a waterproof material, eliminating the risk of getting see-through. If you still don’t feel confident enough, then grab a sarong. It’s a printed cloth, helping you cover.

Don’t Miss Out on Accessories

No beach look is complete without some chic accessories. After all, the accessories are designed specifically for beaches. Haven’t you heard of the sun hat? These are the famous beach hats, saving you from the rays of the sun. However, this is not it, have a look at all these amazing accessories mentioned below.

A Pair of Alluring Sunglasses

The right pair of sunglasses can make you look super-hot. You can get the ones that complement the structure of your face. Going with the trends, oversized glasses are very trending these days. Similarly, celebrities are also seen as flaunting cat-eye and round glasses. Moreover, these act as a shield against the sun, protecting your eyes from the sun and on the same hand, enhancing your vision.

Beach Bag

There’s no point in flaunting your designer bag at the beach when it has to get dirty due to the sand and splashes of water. Thus, beach bags are what you carry to the beach. Many brands have come up with their range of beach bags, allowing you to make some serious style statements. Besides, it has ample space which means you can carry all your essentials.

Sun Hat

These are usually made from straw, allowing the hair to pass through. It comes in many designs and variations while saving your skin from the rays of the sun. However, if you’re looking forward to flaunting your hair, by letting them go with the wind, get some floral bandanas or headbands. They look super stylish.  


Jewelry and beach don’t go along at all. Fancy earrings and huge necklaces are a big ‘NO’ for the beach. However, you’re free to wear tiny hoop earning or small pearls. On the same hand, you also add a ring or casual bracelet. Remember, to avoid fancy accessories.

Comfy Footwear

You are just making a fool out of yourself by wearing heels to a beach. This is more like a fashion disaster people tend to make. Heels are for formal gatherings, parties, and dinners, simply not for the beach. Beach footwear comprises of some cute flip flops, making you look cute and sexy at the same time.

These flip-flops are likely to complement bikinis, swimsuits, and your beach dress. Unlike traditional slippers, these are made from rubber, eliminating the risk of falling. Flip flops are available in many colors and designs allowing to you match them with your outfit. These are very comfy and make you look super cool.

If not flip flops, you can grab any other lightweight summer flat shoes, avoid wearing closed shoes if possible. Moreover, there are many long walking routes, athletic sandals or shoes to ensure a smooth trip.

Wrapping Up

Everyone wants to make some exclusive style statements during their time at the beach look. It’s not easy, though, and you need to buckle up your game by making the right choice of clothes and accessories. Here you can have a look at the above-mentioned how to look good at the beach. These can surely help you out.


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