How To Make Adhesive Bras Sticky Again

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So you have a bra that has lost all of its stickiness. It’s one of the most annoying experiences, and it makes your favorite bra almost useless. No one wants to be the person with the sticky bra. It’s embarrassing, and it can also be uncomfortable if you’re wearing a thinner top that sticks to your chest (and everything else). Luckily, there are some easy ways to make adhesive bras stick again.

Do you have adhesive bras that are no longer sticky? No worries! This blog post will show you how to make your DIY adhesive bra tacky again.

What are adhesive bras?

Adhesive bras are bras stuck to the skin rather than being worn by clips or adjustable straps. It consists of thin fabric with a peel-off backing. It comes in many shapes and forms, including adhesive bras strapless, backless, front closure, and halter.

Adhesive bras in the 1990s rapidly became popular with women who wanted backless and strapless clothing without showing traditional bra straps. Sticky Bras remains for dresses, tops, tank tops (backless), or shirts (front closure). Sticky bras come in many shapes and forms.

Steps for Making Your Sticky Bra Sticky Again

There are some effortless ways to fix this problem, though! The best way is to use clear nail polish:

First, put on some plastic gloves (preferably ones that the nail polish won’t stain) and pour clear nail polish into a bowl. Next, put your finger in the nail polish and coat it entirely with it. You may want to make sure that you cover every part of your finger so that no dry space remains on your finger. If you run out of nail polish, mix up some more until you get enough to cover your finger entirely.

Then, press down on the sticky area of your bra for a few seconds. After doing this, there should be an immediate change in your bra. It will be sticky again, and it will work like new! Ensure that you don’t smear the nail polish since that will ruin it and not work. Give it a try next time you’re in an inconvenient situation.

How to Make Silicone Bras Stick Better

Here are some tips to make your silicone bras stay put better. After wearing it, wet the fabric underneath with water and sealant before tucking them in for storage or wear later on! It should keep everything looking good between washes. So you’re never irritated by sweat marks from pads sticking out while trying to find clothes that fit right away after buying new lingerie.

How to keep a sticky bra on when sweating

As women, we know how to make a mess with our makeup and hair. But if there is one thing that will never change about us as humans- it’s the fact that when sweat comes out! To combat this problem of ours (and preserve those bras), here are some tips:

  1. Apply lotion all over before putting on your bra
  2. Put pillowcases over them while getting dressed
  3. In hot weather, remove first, then reinsert
  4. Avoid using washing machines

​Choose One with Stronger Adhesive

Are you looking for a great deal on your favorite bra? When it comes to buying a bra, you want something that will stick. Check out our Stronger Adhesive bras! These are the ones that stick better because they have an extra-strong adhesive. However strong the adhesive on your current bras is now – try Buying bras with stronger adhesives next time!

Select the Right Size

Have you ever wondered how many times to measure for your bras? The number can be daunting, especially if it’s done in an uncomfortable place. Well, maybe that is because not all sizes are created equal! It could also depend on what kind of bra she wants or needs which means there will always come up with some variations no matter where they go- ergo, why bother doing this task twice?!

Clean It Regularly

Just like they say, “CLEAN YOUR CLOTHES!” It would help if you kept your bras clean as well. A dirty bra can cause discomfort and even infection! So don’t forget about washing those love handles every once in a while- it’ll be worth all of our regrets if we choose not to clean because one day soon, they will NEED WASHING!!!

Cleaning your bra can be a hassle, but it’s worth doing. First of all, you need to find the right cleaning supplies and then follow these steps: 

  • Fill one reusable cloth bag with toothpaste or baby wipes (both will do).
  • 2-3 dampened napkins should work well for smaller bras
  • Rub gently in circles motion while moving up from underneath four times five paces 6 minutes 7 seconds

How to Clean, Wash, and Store Sticky Bra Cups

Whether you’re wearing a bra to work or your children love plaguing the house with their sticky fingers, it is nice to know there are ways of cleaning and storing them. To cleanse an adhesive surface like on cups, start by wiping off any dirt/dust particles with a soft cloth. Next, spray enough water (or hand sanitizer) onto its surface until wet without getting too much liquid inside.

Don’t Use the Washing Machine or Dryer

There are many types of bras out there. But, not all bras can handle the machine washing and dryer cycle like others might think! It’s best if you keep your delicate undergarments away from harsh chemicals by hand-washing them in cold water or putting it inside an airy drying rack instead.

Hand Wash

I know it’s a pain to have those little sticky bits of fabric sticking onto you, but don’t worry! Just take each cup in turn and rub through lightly with an old toothbrush or similar. The suds should come away quickly enough without having any residue leftover from beforehand either way. If they’re too stubborn, then soaking them might be an option for some people as well.

Don’t Use Bleach or Alcohol

Don’t use bleach or alcohol on your bra. It doesn’t work, and the chemicals could damage both fabric and elasticity. Being a wardrobe essential, the delicate material of bras should be handled with care. Do not soak in wet baths and avoid wearing them when you have an important event to attend. It could ruin its appearance completely by causing color bleeding from sweat, making matters even worse if this happens before going out into public afterward.

Use Mild Soap

Use mild soap to clean your bras, but be careful with the tags. Please don’t get any on them, or you’ll end up having a hard time getting rid of it! The mild soap will not irritate your chest and helps remove any stains accumulated on bras and keep them looking newer longer! It can be a lifesaver for those who suffer from sensitive skin.

Don​’t Use a Towel, Brush, or Fingernails

The best way to wash your bras is with soap and water. It’s not just sanitary, but it also saves wear-and-tear on the delicate straps that can occur when using other cleaners like brushes or towels! Be sure you only use cold water for this task as hot temperatures will ruin synthetic fibers in lingerie items such as cups/bras, usually made out of polyester material instead. Microfiber cloths should be reserved solely for dusting purposes because they’re too rough against sensitive skin.

Let it Air Dry

If you have a party to go back home, the last thing on your mind is how wet and uncomfortable it would be. But what if I told you there’s an easier way? Well, don’t worry because we’re going to show this quick trick now – an Air Dryer bra! If you want to avoid the pesky wrinkles that come with wearing a bra, be sure to use an air dryer when washing.

Don’t Store Sticky Bras Loosely

To avoid the frustration of unwanted sweat marks, it is best not to store bras loosely. It will help with any stickiness and prevent them from getting tangled or attracting more unpleasant odors than what’s already there. Don’t store your bras loosely. They might get stuck together and be difficult to separate again!

Store in Original Packaging

Store your bras in original packaging to make sure they stay clean and away from dirt. It would help if you always stored your bras in their original packing. Saving time and money by avoiding the hassle of unpacking them later will save you hours every week!


Ever notice how your adhesive bras start losing their stickiness after a while? That’s because the glue doesn’t have time to dry before you wear it again. We hope you came across plenty of easy solutions in the above article that will keep them sticking as they did on day one!


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