How To Take Care Of Your Engagement Ring When Travelling

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We truly understand how that rock on your finger is close to your heart. Also, it is even clearer you naturally would want to protect it with your life.

Hence, we can relate when you consider wearing a separate travel engagement ring on your vacation – because your vacation could just be that spot for a mishap to occur with your beloved engagement ring.

Are you wondering why?  Well, the list is endless but let’s put things in perspective. Suppose you are honeymooning somewhere in a tropical location, the shine and sparkle of your ring’s rock could get dull due to the sun. If not this, then you could just lose it in a blink of an eye whilst you swim. You could be moving from a city to another city, what if you forget it on the bathroom counter? So you see,  you never know what happens. Therefore, prevention is always better than cure.

Let’s consider another scenario where you plan on getting down on one knee and proposing your significant other. Losing the ring, we bet, wouldn’t even be the last thing on your mind. To pull you out of this dilemma, we decided to gather five tips to keep sure nothing goes haywire and that engagement ring remains safe.

Here you go:

Get it Insured

To begin with,  this is one of the most important safety tips as far as traveling with jewelry is concerned. Since no one knows what the future holds and the excitement regarding honeymooning can be quite overwhelming, it is best to take into account some preventive measures. Hence, the topmost priority for you should be securing insurance for the ring to be on the safe side.

Well, we suggest you get it done even before you start to plan your romantic proposal. Once you get it insured, your ring will be protected in case it gets stolen or lost.

Make a checklist as well as taking snaps of all the jewelry items you wish to take on your trip alongside the engagement ring. This could come in handy when you do all the necessary documentation for the insurance.

Take it for Inspection

It might sound weird but make it a point to take your ring for service and inspection session before you board your flight. This will save you considering that you would be able to know about any defect, such as a loose stone, and get it fixed in time.  After all,  isn’t it better to catch a defect than going on to losing it completely during the trip? We believe it is the wisest thing to do!

Therefore, if you are done with your packing and haven’t yet taken your ring for an inspection, it is high time to go for your own good.

Be Strategic with Your Ring

You may feel indecisive when it comes to your ring. You should know when to wear it and when to actually put it off aside for good. Suppose you are at a beach or simply engage in an excursion such as trekking or snorkelling, it is in your best interest to take off your ring. It is better to be safe than sorry!

You might neglect this fact but it is recommended that you take that ring off when you get ready. This is because the perfume or the sunscreen you wear can cause permanent damage to your ring. By damage, what we mean is that it can make grime build up on your skin. This, in turn, can dull the sheen of the diamond or gemstone. This is something you definitely won’t like, so just don’t take any risks, especially with your engagement rings, folks!

Say no to the Pool or Ocean

We cannot stress enough how important it is to not to wear your ring whilst you are planning to take a dip in a pool or ocean. This is because the fingers shrink upon contact with cold water. It can make the ring slip off your finger and eventually sink to the bottom.

No matter what, the chance to lose it in the shallow water is high as it can get swept in the sand as well as water currents. The same goes for the pool. Additionally, the chlorine added to the pool water can cause visible damage to gold, silver, and platinum. So, now you know what and why you need to do what we say!

Listen to the Gut

If your instinct is telling you to drop the idea of traveling with your ring, then you probably should just listen to it.

You need to realize that it is quite a risk to travel with something as precious as an engagement ring on vacation spots. They might stand out in a way that grabs attention and you might end up losing it due to thievery. Moreover, if you still travel with it but your gut tells you to lock it in the hotel safe, then again, we suggest you do so. Often, what you feel is the biggest signal and one shouldn’t ignore it.

We hope the above tips and tricks help in solving the dilemma for you about wearing or not wearing the ring. Travelling in itself can be quite a stressful period and taking an engagement ring can add stress. You wouldn’t be able to make the most of your trip and the worry might just make it even harder for you. Make sure you have done your math and have put enough thought into whatever decision you make. May the force be with you!


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