The Glam Girl Shanta Paul: A New Star From Bangladesh Making Her Own Way

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Today we have famous Bangladeshi model and actress Shanta Paul with us. Shanta is very famous in Bangladesh & India also. Shanta Paul started her modeling career from a model hunt competition named Fresh look and became the winner of that competition, she started her modeling career after that.
In the year 2019 Shanta Paul participated in the Miss Asia Global Competition which was held in Kerala, India. The competition was organized with participants from 24 countries. She made her place in the top five and earned the title “Miss Beautiful Eyes”. Today, Shanta Paul is with us in Kolkata, lets talk with her and explore her celebrity life.


Interview With Shanta Paul

The GlamBug: Hello Shanta, how are you now?
Shanta Paul: I’m fine, and how are you?

The Glam Bug: Good. So, tell us about your celebrity life, how do you come to this entertainment world?

Shanta Paul: I am a very simple girl. There are nothing specials, I believe in simplicity, popularity does not affect me & my life. I like ramp shows, watching movies, traveling. But yes I’m a little busy now. I run my own TV show as a host on Ekushey TV. it is a celebrity talk show named, “Cine Hitz”. I have done many National & International ramp shows, TV commercial ads, telefilms, and now I am busy with my upcoming Telegu & Bengali films too…

The GlamBug: Yes, we will come to your projects later, Now tell us how Shanta becomes Shanta?

Shanta Paul: Actually I have won a Model hunt named Fresh Look, just after that, I started ramp walk, photoshoot, and then in the year 2019 I participate in Miss Asia, where participators from 24 counties took part. And I get placed in the Top 5 & earned the “Miss Beautiful Eyes” title. That competition was held in Kerala India. During this Miss Asia competition, I met some South Indian film industry big producers & directors. and they offered me films as the lead heroine. That’s how Shanta becomes present Shanta Paul…here is my journey.


The Glam Bug: Shanta, how many projects you are doing now?

Shanta Paul: I am doing Ramp shows National & Internationally, Brand shoots, commercial ad shoots, telefilms. And with that, I have now one Telegu film & one Bengali film in Kolkata in hand. Basically, I’m from Bangladesh, but India is too close to me, even in both parts of Bengal I never can feel any differences. I received love & blessings from the people from Dhaka as well as from the people of Kolkata too…they are all my own.

The GlamBug: So you are doing a film in Kolkata Tollywood? Can you please tell us some more about your Tollywood venture?

Shanta Paul: Sorry, I can not share that. But I can tell you that, the great actor Ankush Hazra will be playing the lead hero role & I will play the lead heroine role in the film.

The Glam Bug: Ok, here goes your Bengali film, what about the Telegu film? How did you get the opportunity?

Shanta Paul: As I said already, in the year 2019, I have participated in the “Miss Asia Global” competition, however, I managed to get placed in the Top 5 of the competition & earned the “Miss Beautiful Eyes” title. In that time I met many South Indian Directors & Producers. Recently well-known Telegu film Director Vishwanath Rao contacted me and offers a lead heroine role in his film named ‘Ya Ra La Va’. I liked the story and say yes to his offer. If all goes well you can see me as the lead heroine in the following film. That’s the story.

The GlamBug: Which type of film it is, means is it a love story or real-life story or thriller?

Shanta Paul: The film script is full of suspense, it is a thriller story based movie. and my character name is Ananya, the story revolves around the character Ananya. I was a little afraid at first to accept the character, but all the people of the production seems to be very supportive, so I said yes to the film.


The GlamBug: We have listened that, one of well known Tollywood Director was contacted you and offered a nasty proposal? Is it true?

Shanta Paul: Yes, that really happened with me. Bengali Director Rajib Biswas, who directed blockbuster films like, ‘Raj Rani Raji, ‘Paglu’, ‘Bindaas’,’ Nakab’ & many more, contact me via the social platform. I never met him, so he said to do Google about him. And then I started chatting. He said that for one lead heroine role he chooses me. I say ok fine, then send me the scripts, but he then offered some wired thing. He gave me a condition to spend a night with him to ensure the opportunity. I refused. He also asked for my personal images too. I directly refused him. Even I have shared my screenshots with media too because I don’t like hide & seek play.

The GlamBug: You love challenges. Who influenced you now to accept the challenge like doing a film of an unknown like Telegu?

Shanta Paul: Yes I love to take new challenges. I think as a performing artist,I shouldn’t keep any boundaries around me. Telegu language is not the bar actually. I am doing modeling for the past 7 years I have participated in National & International beauty competitions and placed me on the top all the time. And in Bangladesh I have done fashion shoots, commercial ad shoots, ramp shows, telefilms & TV hosting, So I think I can use all the experiences at the time of the shooting. And I am not the first one who do Telegu films, Before me, Meghla Mukta from Bangladesh also worked in Telegu films. I am focusing on my performance now. I hope I will be able to accomplish my task properly.


The Glam’Bug: How has stardom changed you?

Shanta Paul: Fame or so called stardom has transformed me without a doubt, but not in the way most people believe. I am a simple girl that I was 7 years back when the world didn’t have any acquaintance with me. In any case, I do crave privacy and alone time now. So basically, fame hasn’t transformed me – it has changed my conditions, my lifestyle.

The Glam’Bug: What about your family support?

Shanta Paul: In Bangladesh, people have an idea that the modeling industry is full of sins. But my family is always with me, when I decide to take my path to this industry, they support me. It’s God’s blessing to have her as mother and him as a father. They are my mentor till today. They are always holding me and supporting me from behind. You can say they are my power generator.


The GlamBug: One last question. Shanta, are you single? Your fans want to know…

Shanta Paul: Ha..ha..ha..[Laughing]. No, I am not Single. I’m am engaged with my work…and my work. There is no such places for other things for now. Right now I have to establish myself, and I am working hard to achieve that goal.

The GlamBug: We & your all fans are hoping that you will reach your dream very soon. Our love & blessings are you always. It was a nice conversation with you Shanta. Thank you for considering your valuable time for us.

Shanta Paul: No, not at all. It is all my pleasure. And please keep blessing me & love me. Bye.