The Pilates Class Tash and Dev Swear By

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Pilates has been one of our favorite type of workouts for years. It mainly focuses on toning, strengthening, lengthening, and leaning the muscles. The workout itself feels incredible and the results? Well, let us tell you, this is pretty much all we do.

Our love for pilates got to another level when we met Sydney based instructor Jacqui Kingswell, founder of  The Pilates Class! Jacqui’s unique approach really focuses on technique, making our time on the mat so much more effective. It’s the reason why we’ve seen better results in less time than with our other workouts. 

Jacqui has become our absolute go-to pilates instructor and we swear by her classes. We train with her on a regular basis and when we have a big swimwear photoshoot coming up she gets us whipped into shape and she does it quick. The beautiful thing about training with Jacqui is you actually look forward to your workout. Her energy is feminine and calm yet uplifting and her classes are hard but not impossible. 

We are beyond excited to announce the launch of her new subscription based online pilates platform, The Pilates Class . Here you can gain access to an array of classes taught by Jacqui for all different levels and individuals. These are the same workouts and classes we do with Jacqui and some of our favorites are the Essentials, Barre, Goals and Stretch classes. She even has curated classes for pre and post natal women. If you haven’t tried pilates we urge you to give The Pilates Class a shot. We can honestly say that our bodies are in the best shape they’ve ever been and we have Jacqui and The Pilates Class to thank for that. 



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