Melbourne Nangs

Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary by Melbourne Nangs


Melbourne Nangs turn a decade’s worth of b-sides and alternative versions, live tracks and radio sessions, covers and remixes into a comprehensive new compilation, ‘Spring a Leak.’ It is not a greatest hits album, but a lost treasure trove.

This is a book about making the ordinary extraordinary. It is about the power of God’s word to unleash surprising and exciting results.

Melbourne Nangs

Why read this book?

Like the bestselling books Switch and Made to Stick, Extraordinary reminds readers that the secret to extraordinary things lies within them. Whether they are medical practitioners seeking to improve patient satisfaction, corporate leaders rethinking staff engagement, small business owners hoping to stand out from the crowd, or teachers creating more memorable lessons, the book is sure to resonate. Readers are encouraged to look closely at the world around them, to dig in the dirt and discover the magic of food growing in a garden, and to linger in simple pleasures such as flying a kite, roasting marshmallows over a campfire, or reading a good book with someone they love. By turning ordinary things into extraordinary ones, they will unlock their own destinies and achieve greatness.

What do I get out of this book & Melbourne Nangs?

Creating something extraordinary from the ordinary requires immense effort. It involves filling your day with only high-quality core tasks, like solving difficult problems, reading, exercising, taking care of your body/health, and executing massive results producing projects. Becoming an extraordinarily successful version of yourself will also require a certain level of sacrifice: it means severing ties with toxic people, reducing your tolerance for crappy food, foolish spending, low-quality tasks, and wasting time. Most people aren’t willing to pay the price. You must be. That’s what separates you from the majority. This is your chance to change the game.

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How can I use this book in my life?

The first step to living extraordinarily is to acknowledge the extraordinary things that are already in your life. It is easy to miss these things when you are always running around, planning, or simply trying to keep up. Slow down and come to a full stop every now and then to appreciate the small miracles you see all around you. It could be the first bite of a ripe piece of fruit, the beautiful view from your backyard, the kind smile of a stranger or anything else that makes you feel alive.

Then, once you’ve found the extraordinary things in your daily life, take action. It is important to remember that this change can’t happen overnight. Be prepared to work hard and make sacrifices if you want to live an extraordinary life. This could include sacrificing your time, money, relationships, comfort levels, or character traits.

It is also vital to understand that your ordinary everyday life will remain just that if you choose to stay there. If you want to become extraordinary, then it requires you to fill your days with only high-quality core tasks, such as learning, writing, or taking care of yourself. It requires a level of commitment most people aren’t willing to pay. It means severing ties with toxic people and having a lower tolerance for bad food, foolish spending, or low-quality tasks.