Four Stunning Bridal Lingerie For Wedding Night

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Wedding nights are always special. Even if you have been dating your partner for years and they have revealed your secrets more than once, wedding nights should still feel like something more. This is the night when you are together for the first time as husband and wife. Now, you both have vowed to each other for spending the rest of your life together. Hence, the wedding night has to be sweet and memorable. After all, this marks the beginning of your journey.

Wedding Night and Bridal Lingerie

Wedding nights become more special and amazing with some cute and stunning bridal lingerie. As I said before, maybe this is not the first time you are about to spend some intimate moments with this person. But surely this is the first time with the person as your husband. And every first deserves to have a special start. For that, you need to appear breathtaking. This can easily happen when you are sporting sensuous bridal lingerie. Which pieces do you need to pick up? Take a look.

Briefs and Thongs

This is a very important piece and perhaps the last one before the “final reveal”, if you know what I mean. For the color of your briefs and thongs, choose ivory or white. This is to be paired with your bridal gown too. So, for this night, don’t go for any other color. For material, you can choose mesh and lace. Keep it classy and create the illusion so that the mere sight of it makes your man all ready for what’s next. If you are on the heavier side of the scale, don’t worry. The lingerie for plus size women collection of any reputed store will surely have something for you.

Bridal Bras

Bridal bras are very important for your collection too. On one hand, the bra must suit the neckline you are choosing for the dress. On the other, it should make you look sultry and amazing when you are about to christen the matrimonial bed. A bridal bra needs to be comfortable and should come with the right support. You are going to be the center of attention for the whole wedding. So, your brand should look gorgeous so that you can look and feel ravishing too. Be it strapless or with intricate lacework, the bra itself should look like a work of art. Online stores of sexy bridal lingerie can have great options for you.

Teddy and Robe

If you are a movie buff, then you surely have seen hundreds of steamy scenes where the leading lady wears some sultry-looking teddy to tease the hero. Well, tonight you are the leading lady of the world of your man’s dreams and you get to tease him too, visually first. And for that, a lacy sex teddy lingerie and robe are a must. The robe will be loosely tied which will give the man some hint of your glorious skin underneath it. When he undresses you, the teddy adorning your dainty curves is sure to take his breath away. Now, you are in a position of power. See how he melts at the sight of you.


While the tradition says that the man should untie the garter belt with his teeth at the wedding ceremony and throw it to his friends before whisking the bride away, you can take this a little further for more tease. In the bedroom, make him untie your garter belts again with his teeth so that in this privacy, the whole thing feels more intimate and sensuous. A great way to play flirty, don’t you think?

So, what are you waiting for? Find the best options from your favorite online lingerie store and plan for the most memorable night of your life.


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