Uncovering Our Favorite Five Golden Saree Designs For Diwali

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We get it. Planning for a Diwali outfit isn’t simple. You may have a lot in your mind, from finding the right design to the perfect shade to the ultimate comfort. While most of you may have their idea sorted for the occasion, few others may not be so lucky. More so, if you’re specifically looking for something like gold saree, you may want to look for it in one place. Luckily, we have selected the best five golden saree designs that will save you from tiring your thumb from endless scrolls. Read on.

Golden Saree Designs For Diwali

The Perfect Gold Sarees to Celebrate Diwali in Style

Each saree is inspired by the woman of today-feminine and strong. It has all the exquisite goodness of materials and richness of shades. Here’s your inspiration to the perfect golden saree designs for Diwali:

1. Gold Metallic Saree

If you are looking to distance away from heavy weave traditional materials, make your Diwali entrance with this gold metallic saree. The metallic piece can make for an exquisite cocktail or dinner calling. Style your look with chandelier earrings and heels for a big day.

Gold Metallic Saree
Source: vogue.in

2. Embellished Golden Saree

While it’s fine to own simple, classic saris in our wardrobe, there is still space for a modern embellished gold saree in your Diwali wishlist. Perfect for the rare occasions, a sheer saree with golden blouse is a must-have for the occasion. If you like adding a spark to your ensemble, pick a pair of silver earrings with nude makeup, and you’re all set for the celebration.

Embellished Golden Saree
Source: shyamalbhumika.in

3. Handwoven Gold Saree

Want to go the classic style but are done selecting the same saree for all occasions? This handwoven gold saree can make an excellent addition. Complete your look with diamond jewellery, peachy makeup, and dark kohl eyes.

Handwoven Gold Saree
Source: ogaanindia.com

4. Champagne Golden Saree

The champagne golden saree is another great pick for Diwali. The sheer piece will help you through any type of event and prove to be a good buy. The outfit has a intricate threadwork finished with silver embroidery which can add glam to any saree. If you are love a clean work then add drop earrings and muted lip color.

Champagne Golden Saree
Source: soshai.in

5. Embroidered Sheer Gold Saree

Want an outfit that breathes easy, is classy yet chic. The embroidered sheer gold saree below is the perfect representation. Style the sheer ensemble with a pair of stud earrings. With this piece, you can also set to dance the night away.

Embroidered Sheer Gold Saree
Source: suneetvarma.in

What do you think about our pick of the top five golden sarees for the Diwali celebration? Tell us in the comment section below.


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